Fun Tour De France Craft Ideas.

It’s that time again, we’ve been crafting! If your new here, then you are probably unaware that I am a #BostikBlogger 2018. Each month we are sent a box of crafting material and given a theme, this months theme is Tour De France. Last month we made some cool creature crafts, and in March we embraced the floral theme. You can find more fantastic flower crafts from other Bostik Bloggers here.

Here are two fun Tour De France craft ideas perfect or showing support to Tour De France participants!

French flag (pictured above).

This simple but effective flag is great for little ones to wave in the crowds.

You will need –

White card or foam.
Red card or foam.
Blue card or foam.
Sticky tape.
A lollipop stick or skewer.

Firstly, cut your white card/foam into a flag shape. This could be a triangle or a square, it’s entirely up to you. Then take your blue card/foam and cut to cover the wide end of your triangle or left hand side of your square. Fix the blue card/foam onto the square/triangle with glue.

Then take your red card/foam and cut to fit the narrow end of the triangle. You should ensure there is even spacing between each colour. Again, use glue to stick the red triangle onto the end of your flag.

Allow to dry before fixing a lollipop sticker or skewer to the back of your flag with sticky tape.

French flag sun-catcher.

This is a lovely craft that you can place in your window to show support for the event.

You will need –

A paper plate.
Red white and blue tissue paper.

Firstly, fold your paper plate in half length-ways. Using scissors, cut a shape into the middle of the folded plate (I did a heart but you can create any pattern/picture you fancy). Unfold the plate and place upside down on a flat surface.

Use the red white and blue tissue paper to cover your cut out shape/pattern. Fix to the back of the plate with glue and allow to dry. Once dry, fix to a window using string or sticky tape and watch your design glow as the sun shines through.

Next month’s #BostikBlogger theme is gardening. Keep your eyes peeled to see what we create.



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Fun Tour De France Craft Ideas