Tried And Tested Ways To Get Rid Of Head Lice.

Since the start of the current academic year, we have been plagued by the dreaded head lice. I’ve spent more than £70 on over the counter treatments in just 5 months. No matter how hard I try, both of the children come home from school with the telltale itch within days of being cleared. It’s exhausting and infuriating for both myself and the children. .

Head lice and school-age children go hand in hand. It’s just one of those things that tend to occur when children start school and mingle with others more than ever before, but that doesn’t make it any easier for those affected. The past five months have seen weekly, if not twice weekly, head lice checks. This usually involve me wrestling with an agitated Theo and getting pins and needles whilst working my way through Mia’s beautiful, curly hair. I’m sure any parents reading this post know the feeling of dread that comes with spotting that first egg only too well.

At my wits end, I turned to the wonderful world of social media for help with dealing with the latest influx of head lice. The response was amazing. Followers of my Facebook page and fellow bloggers provided me with lots of tried and tested ways to get rid of head lice. Today I want to share those methods with you. I advise bookmarking this post for future reference!

Some of the suggestions from our Facebook followers included –

Kellie Kearney from My Little Babog advised me to use tea tree shampoo, she said – ‘the only thing that seems to work here is cheap Tesco tea tree conditioner, a nitty gritty comb and a heap of patience. We do it for 2-3 night in a row in the beginning then every second night for a week or so.’

Tanya Barrow from Mummy Barrow gave me some great advice on prevention. She said ‘once gone a quick spritz of hairspray over the hair every morning will stop them coming back’.

Clare Nicholas has a fantastic blog post about head lice over on her blog, Emmy’s Mummy. There seems to be a stigma attached to head lice and I’m so pleased that I’m not the only one attempting to break down the barriers by openly discussing the dreaded creepy crawlies online.

Some of the methods listed above I had never even heard of! I have always used over the counter treatments and a Nitty Gritty head lice comb. I also spray each child’s hair with Vosene Conditioning Defence Spray (aff) after every wash. I was fascinated to discover far more natural remedies which cost a fraction of the price of pharmaceutical treatments. It’s safe to say I have now stocked up on vinegar and oils ready for when the nits strike again.

Do you have any treatment or prevention tips that aren’t listed above? Please feel free to pop a comment below and let me know. I will try anything to abolish nits from our home for good!

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Tried And Tested Ways To Get Rid Of Head Lice