The Truth About Snow Days.

It sounds idyllic doesn’t it?

Snow days mean we get an impromptu mid-week break from the school run. We can stay indoors, warm and safe and occasionally venture outside with our children to enjoy the snow. Everyone smiles and laughs and has fun… or do they?

The reality is very different.

On Wednesday we woke up to the news that our school was shut. The kids squealed in delight at the thought of spending the day making snowmen and riding their sledges. They couldn’t wait to wrap up warm and get outside. Of course I was excited too – I love making memories with my babies and we don’t often get heavy snow here in Norfolk, but I knew it wouldn’t be all fun and games.

After breakfast we put on as many layers as we could and went into town to purchase sledges and grab some food from the supermarket – so far so good I thought, neither child had complained of being cold… yet.

By the time I had pulled two heavy children along the street and across two roads in sledges I was quite frankly, knackered. They were still loving life, laying back and letting me do all the hard work. Until the snow found its way into their wellies and their gloves became so cold and wet that their fingers turned red…

Then came the snowball fight – someone always gets hit in the face don’t they?

Suddenly the snow didn’t seem quite so glorious. Their skin stung, their eyes watered and despite their desperation to be out in the snow, they were miserable.

And just to add insult to injury, one of them announced they needed a wee, immediately.

Have you ever tried removing 43883 items of clothing from a child in about 3 seconds? Put it this way, it’s like wrestling a chimp.

And then there’s all the stuff you should be doing, but can’t, because the kids aren’t where they should be. The washing piles up and the laundry quadruples,. As for getting any work done, well, you can forget it if you work from home like me.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t strive for the perfect day. Social media is full of beautiful snow pictures at the minute. It’s easy to think that your children are the only ones hating it, but you aren’t alone. What you see is just a fraction of someones day.

Someone will moan, someone will cry, and you will make them smile through gritted teeth for that cherished snow photo. Rest assured – it’s not just you and your children, we all do it.

If your going to get through a snow day you’ll need sanity in abundance, your fluffiest socks and plenty of coffee.

I loved watching the kids faces when they saw all the snow but our day wasn’t entirely picture perfect, and that’s okay.

The end is near – hang on in there!

Snow days… do you love them or hate them? Let me know below and make sure you give our snow day YouTube video a watch – please don’t forget to subscribe!

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The truth about snow days.

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