Thoughts On Turning 26.

Turning 26 isn’t something I am excited about. I know that everything around me and about me will remain the same, after all, it’s just a day, but I can’t help but wonder what my late 20’s will bring. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that Mia’s birth when I was 18 was the best thing that has ever happened to me, closely followed by Theo’s birth in 2013. However, having my children at a young age meant that I didn’t follow the same path as my friends. I grew up, fast.

I guess that’s why I sometimes feel out of my depth.

I have been a mother for nearly eight years now. My priority has always and will always be my children, but in between nappies, colic and allergies I lost myself. This blog, which began as a hobby and is now my full-time job, allowed me to find myself again.

Within my little corner of the internet I created something wonderful. I often have to remind myself of the blog and remember that there aren’t many 26 year old’s who can say they have established and maintained a business whilst raising two children single handedly. So whilst I don’t have a degree and I didn’t go travelling like I always imagined I would, I have achieved something truly amazing. A business, a lovely home and two beautiful children.

My problem is, I’ve spent so long comparing my life to the lives of those I grew up with that I feel like I have less experience of life than them. I’ve allowed myself to wonder how things could have turned out, whilst forgetting quite how content I am with the life I have. Turning 26 is one step closer to turning 30. I’m determined to spend the next four years changing my mindset.

Shortly after my 30th birthday, Mia will be 12, an incredibly impressionable age. I don’t want to inadvertently teach her to compare herself to others. I’d hate for the opinions of others to hold her back like they did with me. As I edge closer to 26, I am finally beginning to realise that everybody has different goal posts in life. I feel lucky to have already achieved as much as I have.

Anyway, enough of the serious stuff…

Is 26 too old for red hair? Should I know how to sew by now? What if I always count using my fingers?

As my birthday draws closer there are several ridiculous thoughts bouncing around in my head. The most common thought being, how on earth am I 26 already? I’m not sure there are many other 26-year-old’s with an unhealthy obsession with Kinder Eggs who still watch Hilary Duff movies. I feel like a 12 year old in the body of a 70 year old. My personality is littered with childish tendencies residing within a body that creaks at the thought of walking up a flight of stairs. I’m a walking (sometimes hobbling) contradiction.

I’m far from perfect. My achievements and lifestyle may differ to those of a similar age, but that’s okay too. It’s also 100% okay to get excited about Little Mix songs as well as new white goods. There’s no right or wrong way to live, so I’m going to spend my 26th year doing exactly what I want, without caring what others think. It’s time to embrace the remainder of my twenties and make memories with my little people before they aren’t so little any more.

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My thoughts on turning 26