Unlimited Screen Time Does Not Make Me A Lazy Parent.

We live in an age where technology surrounds us, and our children.

We can do pretty much anything with apps on our smartphones/tablets/computers. These days, even ordering food in McDonald’s is as easy as pressing a few options on a screen.

Technology cannot be avoided.

Both of my children have a Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa. Mia uses hers daily whereas Theo only really uses his when he needs a little bit of time out or he wants to watch a movie.

I think many make the assumption that those who allow their children access to technology are lazy parents. That,Ā  I believe, is not the case at all.

Before I gave my children their tablets I installed strict parental controls and lots of educational apps. They have to reach a particular quota of time on apps designed for learning before they can watch their favourite show/movie or watch plastic eggs being opened on YouTube.

Yes, the tablets entertain in a way I can’t, and they do allow me to get on with my endless to-do list, but that doesn’t make me a lazy parent.

We craft, we laugh, we draw and sing and we go on muddy walks and explore nature. Mia participates in after-school clubs and loves nothing more than reading a good book. Theo spends hours playing with his toys and loves to colour.

I’m a single, self-employed mother of two and sometimes, I just need to get on top of the laundry or get some work done. In those moments, screen time is welcomed.

I don’t feel guilty for allowing my children to have access to technology. My kids are kids who do all the things kids ‘should’Ā be doing, but they are growing up in a world very different to the world that I grew up in.

They have access to educational material that I could only dream of at their age whilst also having access to their favourite games, TV shows and movies. Having one each means bickering over the TV remote is non-existent.

Technology makes life a little easier for me, and I couldn’t be without it.

Call me bad, call me lazy, I don’t care. There are far bigger dangers in this world than apps and programmes.

Read all about why I don’t limit screen time here.

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Unlimited Screen Time Does Not Make Me A Lazy Parent

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