How To Create A Truly Unique Valentines Card With Monogram Maker #AD.

How To Create A Truly Unique Valentines Card With Monogram Maker #AD.

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Christmas, Valentines, Easter… we spend a huge portion of our year planning for a holiday or celebration and the cost can easily add up. Now that Christmas is done and dusted, I’ve started to think about Valentines Day. I’m a single mum, so I don’t need to consider a partner on this occasion. However, I like to treat the kids to a little something. After all, they are the people I love most in the universe. It’s incredibly easy for the cost of each celebration to add up, so I try and save where I can. Online graphic design programmes such as Monogram Maker are fantastic for creating a truly unique card design for any occasion.

For many lone parents like myself, every penny counts. You may think that £2/£3 for a Valentine’s card is nothing, but for many families, £2/£3 is better spent on food shopping or utility bills. Let’s face it, we are all feeling the pinch in the aftermath of the festive season. So, make yourself a cuppa, sit down and discover how Mongram Maker can help you create something wonderful for your loved one – for free!

This year I’ll be purchasing each of my children a small gift, and I’ve created a simple but beautiful card which I will address to them both. The brilliant thing about creating your own Valentine’s card is that you have full control of the design.

Monogram Maker Online is incredibly easy to use. In less than 5 minutes you are able to create a design and download it ready to be printed. Simply enter the text you wish to include in your design, choose a frame and if you wish, upload a photo to use as a background. There are even easy to use tools beneath your design which you can use to change the size or colour of each element.

The frame elements within Monogram Maker are fantastic and suitable for many if not all occasions. If you wish to create a design that doesn’t include a unique background, you can choose a lovely heart frame for your Valentines design. Valentines images can also be found on free stock image sites which you can download and then upload to Monogram Maker if you don’t want to use a photograph of you and your loved one like I have in the design above.

I created the designs above to show you how customisable your design can be. It’s incredibly easy to create a card for your loved one using Monogram Maker, no matter how old or young they are, what your tastes are or what their relationship to you is. The simple grey, white and gold design was created using Monogram Make elements alone. The second design was created using a free stock image.

When you are happy with your Monogram Maker design, enter your email address and download your creation. It really is that simple. All you need to do is print your design, write a lovely message, pop it in an envelope and watch as your loved one grins with delight at their unique Valentine’s card. What are you waiting for? Valentines Day may be a few weeks away but it’s never too early to get creative and save your pennies in the process.

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