The Winter Retreat By Build A Life You.Love.

I’m incredibly guilty of putting myself at the bottom of the list and making everyone else a priority. I love pampering myself and embracing time on my own but sometimes I need to be pushed into looking after myself and channeling my thoughts. Recently Holly from Build a life got in touch to offer me the opportunity to review The Winter Retreat.

I know I know, another post on self-care! I’m afraid I’m not even a little bit sorry. If you are a regular reader you should know my thoughts on self-care and self-love by now. I love how many of you have reached out to me about how you are feeling and sharing your own self-care routines, so I don’t plan on keeping quiet until each and every one of us becomes a little more indulgent in ourselves.

Build a life was created by a mother and daughter duo who are passionate about helping others to build a life they love. They create workshops, online courses and events to help others. They’re most recent creation is The Winter Retreat.

The Winter Retreat is part guide, part journal.

It’s a printed booklet designed and printed in the UK. The booklet is full of motivational quotes, puzzles, sensory activities, evidence based self-care, money-saving tips and so much more. The Winter Retreat shows you how to spend 48 hours restoring yourself without breaking the bank.

Winter is a wonderful time of year. However, the darker nights and often overwhelming festive season can leave us feeling fraught and exhausted. We can all benefit from slowing down a little. The Winter Retreat follows a nine square self-care grid. When each segment is nurtured, we are taken on a journey of fulfillment. The Winter Retreat is a welcome addition to my self-care toolkit and is suitable for all, even those who have a busy lifestyle.

My booklet arrived within days of my correspondence with Laura.

I couldn’t wait to discover the power of The Winter Retreat. The booklet is based around 9 experiences that are based on different areas of your life. The easy to follow activities reminded me of life’s simple pleasures and allowed me to reflect and recuperate. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, self-care doesn’t need to be complicated. The Winter Retreat is evidence that simple self-care is just as effective as extravagant indulgence.

I love how realistic The Winter Retreat is. Each and every activity is do-able. Unrealistic advice and tasks can often feel impossible, especially if we are feeling delicate. The Winter Retreat makes self-care easy enough to become second nature. With a little help from Build a life, we’ll soon be practicing self-care as part of our daily routine.

I think The Winter Retreat is fantastic. It supports everything I already felt about the importance and simplicity of self-care. I can’t wait progress through the remainder of the activities when I finally get time to be Chloe instead of Mummy. The Winter Retreat is the perfect guide for simple TLC and would serve as a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

The Winter Retreat is available from the Build a life website for just £20. I highly recommend it for those searching for a little escapism. Whilst you are waiting for your copy to arrive, why don’t you have a read of some of the wonderful blog posts on the Build a life blog such as stepping out of our comfort zone and finding the magic.

We were very kindly gifted a copy of The Winter Retreat in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

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The Winter Retreat By Build A Life You.Love.