Being A Work At Home Mum Isn’t Easy!

I’m a work at home mum.

Becoming self-employed was one of the scariest, yet best choices I have ever made.

Being a work at home mum means I get to do every school drop off and pick up, every breakfast and bedtime and everything in between. But, whilst doing all of that, I maintain a home and work hard to provide for my children.

You’ll find me on my laptop until gone midnight and I often answer emails whilst cooking dinner. Blogging isn’t a 9-5 job, its constant, as is parenting.

Doing both at once is like running a bath without putting the plug-in first!

On more than one occasion I’ve been told ‘it’s not a proper job’ followed by statements such as ‘you’ve got it easy’.

By my calculations, I spend at least 37 hours a week working. There are 168 hours in a week, 37 are spent working, 6 hours a night are spent sleeping, which leaves 89 hours. Divide that by 7 and I’m left with 12 hours per day to cook/clean/spend quality time with my children.

I wouldn’t say it’s easy.

Some weeks I have more work than usual, which means even less time for anything else. It’s a constant juggling act.

I work hard, I get paid, I put every ounce of effort into the work I do. It IS proper job.

I’ve been chatting to some other bloggers about this subject, and they had plenty to say!

Natalie Brown (Crummy Mummy) said ‘people assume you don’t work full-time hours – I actually work more than 37 hours a week AS WELL AS doing the nursery & school runs, cooking tea etc. Stay and work at home mums (and dads) are superwomen/men!’ 

I completely agree – a cape would definitely give me the edge I often lack!

Lyndsey Kim O’Halloran (Me, Him, The Dog & A Baby) is a non-stop mum just like me! She told me – ‘people think I have loads of time to do all of the cleaning and cook amazing meals every day. Erin keeps me busy all day and as soon as she goes to bed, I work until midnight. I literally do not stop from waking up to going to bed. I don’t have it easy at all’.

Sometimes we have to call in an extra pair of hands when we can’t juggle it all, Samantha Rickelton (North East Family Fun) told me that someone once said ‘why do you need a cleaner when you’re at home all day’. Her reply – ‘Erm because I’m working just like I would be if I was in an office!’.

I often wonder whether our peers will every truly ‘get it’. But I sure am proud to be part of such as hard-working, self-sufficient community.

Are you a work at home mum? What comments have you heard?

Let me know below!